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Archive for "May 18 2005"

Go Trump, Go!

Donald Trump offers to rebuild World Trade Center

“It’s bigger, it’s stronger and it’s better than the previous World Trade Center, and it sets the right tone and the right attitude,” Trump said, adding that some members of the public who had seen the model had been moved to tears.

I’ve had a fondness for The Donald since his old man was my landlord in the first apartment I lived in when I started this wild ride o’ mine. Now if Pataki will get the fuck out of the way, Trump will have the sucker built in no time flat.

The Plan.

I Love Staten Island, But…

there is a growing breed of punkass here that need massive ass-kickings every single morning, before they walk out the door and are allowed to interact with normal people, to remind them that all they are ultimately are just snotty kids and they can be smacked flat if they fuck around beyond a certain point, because more and more they think they can do anything they want and are pulling shit like this:

Teenage truants set fire to a disabled Vietnam veteran’s wheelchair yesterday on a Staten Island bus — but two quick-thinking passengers doused the flames with water and milk from a baby’s “Sippy Cup,” police said.

This kind of reckless disregard for someone’s well being–fer chrissakes, an amputee in a wheelchair!

Abrams, who declined medical attention, identified the three youths, but said he’d like to do a whole lot more.
“I’d just like to beat the s- – – out of them,” he said. “They’re nothing but lowlifes.”

Something like that would have been met with a massive beatdown–first from the cops, then from your folks (who probably would let the victim get in a few whacks, too)–back in my day. And after you got beaten bloody, your ass would get processed through juvie court and would be on a bus to Spofford, where the beatdown would continue.

But for a bottle of boobie milk, this could have been frighteningly worse. And that they aren’t releasing these punks names “because of their ages” is absolute bullshit. It tells me at least one of them is from a family headed by a cop, or someone who’s got local political juice, who doesn’t want to be humiliated by being shown as the parent of this breed of monster-in-training. If these were three black teens from Stapleton or Park Hill projects, their names would be public in a heartbeat.

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Be Still My Heart

New Apple stores coming to Staten Island, Cali, and Mass

They are either gonna have to hire me or get a restraining order, because I will haunt Apple’s store in the Staten Island Mall.

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