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Archive for "May 11 2005"

History Repeats Itself; I am Ashamed of Myself

Same forgotten Holy Moment, same guy reminds me that I forgot yesterday was the 35th anniversary of


( Last Year’s LeatherPenguin Dolt Moment)

Identifying the Bandwagoner

Opening with a rip on all these newly born Red Sox “fans” I’ve been butting heads with who have no fucking idea who Fenway’s right field foul pole is named after, nevermind why, the author succinctly sums up these loathsome frauds:

The second-class citizen that is the Bandwagoner is a shallow soul who sees nothing wrong with professing love for a team who has no identifiable ties or obvious reasons for affection other than that they are quite simply, at the time, successful.

read it all

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Down Goes Lampley!

National Review’s Byron York is smacking newly discovered moonbat Jim Lampley like a tennis ball against a brick wall over at Zsa-Zsa’s Egotistical Idiot’s Parlor.

It’s a good thing they don’t allow comments over there, or Lampley might already be in therapy for being dumb enough to try his hand at political blogging without even bothering to line up some facts. And really, when your first foray into the game is supporting this KosKids “Karl Rove stole Ohio” rant, which had been run up the flagpole and blown straight to hell months ago… stick to shitty boxing stories, asswipe.

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