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Archive for "May 10 2005"

Bravest of the Bravest

His gutless, hack twirp of a boss rolled over and played dead when the NYPD’s Kelly shoved him aside in this turf battle, but God Bless Pete Hayden, who I ripped for playing along with Scoppetta’s dumbassed shit back on St. Paddy’s Day, is refusing to play along. He’s finally realized his boss is an asshole, and has decided to draw a line. According to all the reporters and pundits, he’s risking his “career,” but what he’s really doing is not standing idly by and risking his mens’ lives by going along with this insane decision to let NYPD be in charge of haz-mat situations.

But the absurdity of the Bloomberg plan becomes clear only when you note whom City Hall has designated as the agency to lead “mitigation” of chemical releases: the city’s Department of Environmental Protection.

DEP can’t “mitigate” a circle jerk. Overall, FDNY is far better trained than anyone the city has to handle these kinds of situations. Nothing against the cops and their Emergency teams, but rank and file firefighters are trained in responding to these situations; beat cops just are not prepped and geared up for this kind of thing. The reasoning for giving NYPD the lead, “we have to first determine if it’s a criminal act,” is crap. First, you contain the situation and save everybody you can. Then you worry about who fucking did it, and whether it was a terror attack or just an accident. Besides, in the current climate, everybody is gonna take it as a given that it was a terrorist attack. Whether it turns out to be true won’t change a thing about controlling it and saving people caught in it.

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Lip Rips into RhoidBoy

You can say the Yankees could never have anticipated a scenario like this, but that is only if they were completely ignorant of the steroid rumors around [Giambi] RhoidBoy before they signed him to that $120 million contract.

No way. No bloody way they didn’t know about that piece of shit and the juice. All you need to do is look at his friggin’ rookie card, then compare that to Jeter’s. Body-wise, they were nearly identical. You gotta be blind or brain dead to not know there was more than the weight room involved in RhoidBoy’s physical transformation.

Mike Lupica: The man of steal

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