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Archive for "May 03 2005"

Spring is in the Air

So tenants and landlords go for their annual grab at each others’ throats:

Landlords pushing for 10.5% rent hikes

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Dear New York Post Online:

Here’s some advice, something you probably want to tattoo on the forearms of anyone remotely associated with keeping your web presence present at this point:

1) If you are gonna force people to go through some jackassed login procedure, make sure the shit actually works before deploying said jackassed procedure.

2) If you’re gonna jerk around with such jackassed shit, stick to after midnight and before six AM over a weekend, when your traffic is at its lowest probable load, to deploy and verify said jackassed shit works. If it ain’t working, immediately go back to what was working fine in the first place! Don’t try repairing the kludged up crap on the fly.

Posting this in the server room couldn’t hurt, either.

Really, it’s almost eleven AM now, and your joint is still hosed. I’m ready to murder the geeks at my hosting company if my shit is screwed up for more than fifteen minutes, and I don’t even run ads.

UPDATE (4:17pm): Still hosed, and they’re lying about the cause.

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