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Archive for "Apr 28 2005"

Lighten Up

A TV Land executive defended the selection of Salem for the statue [of Elizebeth Montgomery as ‘Samantha’]. ”The idea behind our landmarks is to celebrate America’s favorite TV characters in places where there is a connection to them,” said Rob Pellizzi, senior vice president of TV Land. TV Land hopes to unveil the Montgomery statue June 15.

So, what brand of idiot do you find in the middle of this shit?

”The connection to Salem is tenuous at best,” said John Carr, a former member of the city’s Historical Commission. ”They didn’t live in Salem on that show. They came here 40 years ago to film three or four episodes, and now we’re going to put up a ‘Bewitched’ statue at one of our most visible intersections.”

It gets better:

”It’s insensitive to what happened in 1692,” said Jean Harrison, one of several Salem residents opposing the plan. ”She was a fictional witch, but the people who died were not witches.”

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Mario Cuomo is an Idiot

With all the “advice” coming from the left side of the dial following Benny16 ascending to the Papacy, I guessed it was just a matter of time until the chief CINO* politico joined the chorus.

Today’s NY Daily News carries an Op-Ed from former NY governor and ersatz Cardinal of the Democrat Party, Mario Cuomo. Mario tries to make the case that there are two challenges facing the Catholic Church, and its new pontiff. First, to continue “proclaiming the unalterable and unchallengeable truths of Christ,” and next:

The second challenge is to reassess the alterable rules made for us by the male descendants of Peter who were and are humanly frail, as he was, and to readjust those rules to better serve the purpose of helping modern Catholics to live fuller and holier lives in this ever-changing world. This would include, among other things, reconsidering celibacy, women’s role in the church and other contentious man-made church policies.

Okay, a valid, well purposed proposition. But, Mario being Mario, he has to flesh it out further and, well… “pontificate,” and drives his rhetorical train right off the rails in a wreck:

The church can do this without abandoning its fundamental commitment to the Gospel of Jesus, and has in fact done it in the past in changing its position on slavery, usury, salvation outside the church and divorce.

Mario, paisan, what the fuck are you talking about?

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