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Archive for "Apr 27 2005"

Air America Idiot Update

Earth to Drudge: Nice try. But whoever fed you this crap–probably some malevolent monkey from Air Idiot’s PR squad, since they saw their for-shit numbers Monday and need some kind of quick media fix–is yanking your chain.

She’s done worse, and no one was listening then, either. She said the Prez needed to get taken out on a lake like Fredo in the “Godafther” in the first couple of weeks they were on the air, and nothing came of it. That time, the sound effect was Rhodes herself going “Pow.” It’s the old, “if a tree falls in a forest” kind of thing. Nobody bloody heard it!

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Too Funny

What does the NY Post’s hockey scribe do to justify his paycheck these days?

SO the assignment for last night was baseball. Upon receiving it at the end of last week, I began counting. On my fingers, of course. Friday-Saturday-Sunday-Monday-Pedro.

No, said the boss, not the Mets. The Yankees.

Oh, the other game.

read it all.

Then go hit the Darkside.

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Air America Idiot Update

Byron York is ripping me off.

I look at my log files, you yuppie piker. I’ve caught your NRO JonahG “Star Trek pedophile” server sniffing me out….

Hot Lesbian Monkey Porn” is no way to go through life, son, even if you add “+Franken+Arbitron.”

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