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Archive for "Apr 26 2005"


THEY were arguably the greatest, and definitely the first, punk rock band. They were arguably the most famous, and definitely the least successful, punkers — commercially at least.

They were the band that everyone knew, but whose albums no one bought, the band that every other successive, successful punk band from The Sex Pistols to The Clash emulated.

May as well been a home movie of my “getting the rage on” years.

Tonight at 10 on PBS

Bobby Orr to NHL: “Enough is Enough.”

Greatest player ever sends message to Bettman, Goodenow:

Forget the finger-pointing and the blame game. Forget trying to squeeze every ounce of advantage out of a new deal. Stop the PR spins. Use common sense and creativity to get this sport back where it belongs. The reckless death match has gone on far too long.

Get deal done or get out of the way

(via A Large Regular)

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Nuke Them Already!

Sometimes Albany just takes your breath away.

Case in point: Post State Editor Fredric U. Dicker reported yesterday that Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno prevailed on the Legislature to restore $4.4 million in planned budget cuts after his son, Ken Bruno, got $60,000 to lobby for the restoration.

They don’t even try to hide the graft, these corrupt schmucks who rule the roost in that town. Just burn it fucking down!

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