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Archive for "Apr 25 2005"

Air America Idiot Update

The numbers are in:

The NYC Arbitron Abbattior 04/25/05:

WABC (Rush, Hannity): 3.5; 8th overall

WOR (O’Reilly, Savage): 2.2; 19th overall

WLIB (Air Idiot): 1.2; 24th overall

According to Al Sniffen on the NY Radio Message Board, in the highly sought after 25-54 demographic,
where Air Idiot defenders insist they trump Limbaugh and Hannity, WABC was 18th overall, while the Airheads pulled the 23rd slot in the race. This is a source with no political axe to grind; just a radio pro in the know.

In fact, it’s telling to me how little the folks on the board care about–or for–Air Idiot. They can debate the tiniest bit of radio business, but nearly every time the subject of Air Idiot comes up, it usually gets ignored, or swatted flat. When Franken crowed about ratings successes in various demo groups or cities, the NYRMB crowd–many having access to the detailed Arbitron numbers for the entire nation–just smacked the shit out of him for lying through his teeth.

The Word of the Day


Doesn’t it sound fun when you roll it off your tongue? Let’s use it in a sentence, shall we?

This here ShitForBrains is in desperate need of some serial defenestratin’, because besides wheeling out the same tired Staten Island stereotyping bullshit, he doesn’t have a clue where you get the best pizza out here on the rock.”

It’s either at the single greatest thing within a five minute walk from my front door, Denino’s–which, when Ralph’s is open across the street just goddamn destroys the competition for a summer night’s dining–or Joe and Pat’s, jack. Hell, even Lee’s Tavern–nevermind Goodfella’s–pushes Nunzio’s slices out of serious medal contention.

(targeting vector provided by the Jersey guy writing a Staten Island blog-roundup for the local fishwrap’s website.)

Don’t Get Cute, Madden

Captain fantastic again

So it was yesterday, with anxious eyes, Yankee Nation turned to Randy Johnson for reassurance that the great expectations being held for this team can and would still be realized.

“Yankee Nation?” Are you out of your fucking mind? We are The Empire, you dumb shit mick. We are the trans-national, globe girdling black beast of sport. Go to any corner of the world and you can find some local sporting a baseball cap with an interlocking “NY,” and I ain’t talking about that pussy looking curly orange version they wear in Queens.

You pull that kind of cutesy crap again, and you’ll be tracked down to wherever you bend your elbow and get a fungo shoved square up the old Hershey highway, kapeesh? Save the “nation” shit for the feckless Fenway fuckwits’ fans.

(cross posted at The Darkside)

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