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Archive for "Apr 23 2005"

Air America Idiot Update

Sure, right.
New CEO Danny Goldberg:

Re “Why the Liberals Can’t Keep Air America From Spiraling In,” Commentary, April 18: Brian Anderson’s attack on Air America Radio is petulant and inaccurate, an indication that conservatives are having a hard time dealing with a robust alternative to the monopoly they had on talk radio since the 1980s.

Regardless of how much Anderson and his ilk whistle past the graveyard, there is a large and growing audience for liberal talk. Every one of the original stations that picked up Air America has experienced dramatic increases in ratings. Our audience more than quadrupled what it was just nine months ago. We are on in 53 markets, including 16 of the top 20.

Sheesh, even Joey Ramone knew you were a load of shit, D-Berg, and he liked everybody. But this…c’mon, dude, pile it on all you want, but WLIB was a rock solid, never wavering 1.3 before your clown car took over their signal, and now, with all the free publicity and yearning from the media elites for your success, one year down the tube, you’re buttmonkey stuck at 1.2.

A recent study by the independent Paragon Media showed that in markets where we are on the air, the names Al Franken and Air America have a greater familiarity than any other talk-radio names except Rush Limbaugh. Our Internet stream reaches 1.3 million separate listeners a week, more than any conservative show. Is Air America having an impact? Ask Tom DeLay.

Nobody gives a shit about “name recognition,” asshole. Ask the same people: “Ever heard of Mario Coumo?” and they’d probably say “Yes,” but that doesn’t mean they’d listen to his boring ass on a radio feed. History’s proved that one. Your crew just had the most massive free advertisement campaign, ever, instituted on their behalf. And Arbitron called you flatlined on the dial. Your crew had an HBO feature, and you didn’t even get a ‘wearing clothes and rubbing up a gainst an Arbitron household’s Mommy’s rump’ bump. You’re channel is just a niche, bitch. Get good with that fact. Limbaugh eats you for breakfast and then plays eighteen holes. You may as well be broadcasting in fucking Guam, for all the challenge your shitride gives the guy. Hell, even Hannity kicks your entire slate’s ass.

You guys, whether you want to admit it or not, are totally beholden to Clear Channel. They put you on those stations–in many cases making you fuckers pay for the privilege–and they own your fucking soul at this point, because those investers who have been propping you fuckers up now want some payback on their speculative dimes.

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Call Him “Banged Around” Brown

NY Post:

For those who weren’t kept away by the mist, the 49-degree temperature or the stomach-churning prospect of Brown taking the hill, the opportunity to jeer was too easy to pass up. (snip)

Brown: “Obviously that’s not what I call keeping the team in the game right there, but I didn’t let it get a whole lot worse.”

New York Daily News:

Last October, it took a little less than two innings for the fans to turn on Kevin Brown. Last night, it took just two batters. (snip)

“I’m not worried about the fans,” Brown said. “They’re not beating me up any more than I’m beating myself up.”

Hey, “Banged Around,” you should worry about the fans, because we can groove a DuraCell off your noggin as easily as you throw meatballs over the plate. I thought Darth Boss George was insane bringing you to the Bronx, because of your reputation as an injury-prone headcase–and we had kicked your Padre ass twice in the ’98 Series, so you had proven you couldn’t deal with Yankee-level pressure from the other side, never mind the level it reaches when you’re playing here– and you’ve proven my reasoning to be dead right. In spades.

And the whole lineup should hang their heads in shame for the way that rookie made them look like fools.

(Cross posted at the Darkside.)

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