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Shelly Silver Sucks (contd.)

Silver: Stadium could be on hold until after Olympics vote

Someone really needs to just blow Albany right off the face of the planet. As long as nothing gets done unless these three nitwits agree, the state of New York is just flat out screwed.


“I don’t know whether we drop out or just say to them, ‘Thank you very much for your consideration,'” a clearly frustrated Bloomberg said. “But I don’t know why we’d want to embarrass the country and ourselves. If we don’t have the stadium, we have no chance at the Olympics. If we have the stadium, we have a decent chance.”

And kiss the 2010 Super Bowl goodbye, too.

Pataki is a useless idiot, Bruno couldn’t give a flying fuck what happens in NYC as long as he gets bacon to bring to his upstate base–as the statewide Republican party becomes more and more a myth presented on a ballot sheet but indiscernible from Democrats by any legislative balls it’s shown in oh…a fucking decade, maybe? What’s the bloody point of being the majority party in the state senate and having your man in the governor’s mansion if you are a carbon copy of the guys on the other side of the aisle?

And Shelley the Shitheel? Give him credit for one thing: he’s upfront about his willingness to screw anyone, even his own party, to keep his stranglehold on power, and grease his and his cronies’ pockets in the process. His willingness to dally on deciding to approve or turn down the stadium has nothing to do with possible lawsuits, or listening to his constituents’ concerns; it has everything to do with the upcoming mayoral election. Any black eye that can be delivered to Bloomberg gives whoever the Dems throw at him in November a better chance. And if they manage to knock him off, Shelly will be standing there, his hand out, telling the dolt how much the favor had cost, and demanding possession of his balls.

(previous Shelly suckage)

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