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Archive for "Apr 22 2005"

Romeo Must Die!

Send these mothers out here, now, Z100. I need to have a word with them.

Staten Island Advance:

A song parodying Staten Island — particularly its dubious distinction of having housed the Fresh Kills landfill, once the world’s largest garbage dump — has created quite a stink for a New York radio station.

The untitled ditty, which debuted a few nights ago on Z100 during the “Romeo on the Radio” program, features these lyrics: “A few times, I took the ferry and back. Staten Island really smells like crap.”

If you cross my path, you get ass fucked by Staten Island Chuck.

If you pulled this kinda shit with Brooklyn, the Bronx or Queens, you’d get your flat asses capped, so really, I’ll be letting you off light.

The Rebuttal Song

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It’s “Beat on the MSM Friday!”

At least (see previous post) in the way they cover sports:

Proof that nobody at AP has any balls

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Hey, CNN?

Next time some idiot files a piece pulled from the Reuters wire, like this, containing a sentence like this:

Khan, who died on Wednesday, played in the hockey team for the then British colony of India at the 1928 Olympic Games in Amsterdam.

Why not find out if the bite reads right? How does anyone play “in” a team? And it was FIELD hockey, morons. There’s a difference, y’know, between that girl’s game and what anyone on the planet considers “hockey” to mean.

Really, you guys are total goddamn tools.

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