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Air America Idiot Update

Yo, mooks? You’re blowing it with a big part of your party’s base:

When liberal Air America Radio Network yanked hip-hop legend Chuck D, a member of Public Enemy, off the air on April Fool’s Day and replaced him with Jerry Springer, they made fools out of Black Democrats, especially those in the hip-hop community who believed Air America would serve as a shining example of the Democratic Party’s purported commitment to tolerance, diversity, and partnership.

That’s the opening blast from “Ethnic Cleansing at Air America,” an article published today in the Alexander Cockburn/Jeffrey St. Clair edited radical lefty newsletter Counterpunch.

Author/blogger Nathaniel Livingston Jr. is white-hot (!) as he attacks Air Idiot, and the white liberal machers in the Democratic Party whose water they carry:

After being on the air for a year, Air America finds itself struggling to attract and keep listeners, just as the Democratic Party struggles to gain and keep voters. The removal of Chuck D — one of only two daily African American talk show hosts — represents much more than just the “whitening” of Air America, it symbolizes just how far the Party has drifted away from the Black community, it’s most loyal support base.

White liberals’ support for racial, ethnic, and viewpoint diversity appears nonexistent when it’s them, and not the government, being challenged to diversify. Air America passed over hundreds of qualified and experienced African American talk radio hosts i.e., Tavis Smiley, Bev Smith, Ed Gordon, Raqiyah Mays, and Joe Madison, for such no names as Ed Schultz, Mark Maron, and Sam Seder. But it’s not like we weren’t warned.

Read it all. It’s one hell of an indictment when it comes to the national Dem’s treatment of its most crucial core constituencies, but the Air Idiot action? I figured Chuck D. was on borrowed time.They were pulling this kind of stuff from their start.

Another example of Air Idiot’s total subjugation to Clear Channel control was made clear earlier this week, when XM Satellite announced that, beginning in May, they would be the exclusive satellite provider of Air Idiot’s programming. When you look at the PR announcement, there really is nothing in the deal that helps Air Idiot reach more listeners. But Clear Channel’s “strategic partner,” XM, drops a hammer on it’s sole competitor, Sirius.

Air Idiot gets a channel branded with their name, but the channel will also be featuring non-Idiots like FOX News resident liberal Alan Colmes, and Schultz, so that means nothing…except that on terrestrial radio, Schultz pounds all the Idiots in nationwide listeners, since he’s carried by twenty more stations, so he’s going to get whatever time slot he wants. If Colmes has anything resembling decent Arbitron numbers, he ain’t gonna settle for no overnight shift, which means the individual Idiot’s regular time slots will getting juggled accordingly to fit the other folks in.

Another facet of the deal that is supposed to be a big AI boost is access to XM’s broadcast studios in D.C., offering Air Idiot a home base in the nation’s capital for remote broadcasts. Very nice digs, I’m sure, but Air Idiot already had a crash pad in D.C. for whenever they wanted to do a broadcast from there. So big friggin’ whoop on that “feature” of this deal, too.

So, let’s review: XM, which already carries their programming, is rebranding a slot on the satellite dial with Air Idiot’s name, but it isn’t really Air Idiot’s channel. They can use XM’s D.C., studios, which they don’t really need desperately. They lose the listeners they had among Sirius subscribers, and, not forgetting where I started this ride, they got “whiter,” pissing off members of the most highly valued part of the Democratic Party’s base.

Put it all together and either Air Idiot has totally sold their souls to their Clear Channel corporate overlords, or Karl Rove is fucking diabolical in the way he wields that mind control device!

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