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Air America Idiot Update

In just one year, Bennett – variously known as America’s “drug czar” or, if you’re The New York Times, the nation’s “leading spokesman” of traditional values – has managed to land 116 markets, including 18 of the top 20.

By comparison, Al Franken’s “Air America,” conceived as the antidote to conservative talk radio and launched a week before Bennett’s show, airs in just over 50 markets.

Kathleen Parker’s column points out why a guy like Bill Bennett, all by his lonesome, without anywhere near the media push Air Idiot continues to enjoy, has managed to land on more than twice as many stations than these unlistenable assholes: it’s all about the tone used to deliver your ideas. The only “idea” Air Idiot promulgates is that the Republicans are evil, evil, evil! And they–save for Randi Rhodes–do it in such a juvenile, sneeringly contemptous, elitist manner, that programming directors at radio stations across the country that feature talk just don’t think it’s worthwhile turning over air time to them.

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