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Archive for "Apr 09 2005"

Oh, Brittania, Please Fall in the Sea

English switch swinging on the royal ass is going on: The Globe and Mail: Royals say ‘I do,’ Britons say ‘I don’t’

When Charles, Prince of Wales, weds Camilla Parker Bowles today in a simple civil ceremony at a government office outside of Windsor Castle, it will be a royal wedding like no other.

In fact, it will neatly illustrate Karl Marx’s remark about history repeating itself, the first time as tragedy and the second as farce

Okay…I gotta ask…what alley is Wills puking in?

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And if Pigs Had Wings We’d Dip ‘Em in BBQ

Can you maryasses just let it bloody go?

Rocky Mountain News: Study suggests geography favored Kerry

“Geography was working for him. If he had done a little better in three or four states, he would have beaten Bush in the Electoral College.”

Hoookay…and then that means them little damn bitch ballot box stuffers fucked up your estimates and jabberwhocked your charts, right? Is that the way it works?

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