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Archive for "Mar 30 2005"

Break Out the Wooden Shoes

Earth is at risk, scientists say

In other news: Krakatoa was just Gaia farting.

How can these people expect anyone with a better than average EKG to take them seriously? Even these Knight-Ridder dimwits screw their slant in their bulleted bits, listing how these benighted Biffs say we can fix this shit:

• Remove subsidies to agriculture, fisheries and energy sources (such as fossil fuels) that harm the environment.

Ohh…kaay?…that means we get to harvest the bastard Earth, Mother Gaia, till there’s nothing left in her shriveled down, sucked dried womb. Instead of throwing a few shekels at the AgriBusiness interest, just cut ’em loose. “If you give me no reason to do what is legal, well…wanna buy a beagle, Charlie Brown? The yellow bird says he’s free.”
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Who Needs Heat? I’ll Just Point Him at Your Ass

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The Washington Times is Whacked

Today’s Washington Times carries an interview with the Redskins owner: Snyder denies dictator image. They published the article in the “Nation/Politics” section of the paper, and stuck a transcript of the entire interview under “Sports.”

So I’m wondering, if they realize their sports section is just a worthless wasteland that most of their readers ignore, why bother printing it? And why can’t we rammy it down Ollie’s Filet O’ Fish ass?

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