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Air America Idiot Update

First, the latest numbers are in:

The NYC Arbitron Abbattior 03/28/05:
WABC (Rush, Hannity): 3.5; 8th overall

WOR (O’Reilly, Savage): 2.0; 21st overall

WLIB (Air Idiot): 1.1; 25th overall

Next, Air Idiot: The Movie

I’m fairly certain I won’t be watching this, because I already know the story all too well.

Now, with the announcement that Clear Channel subsidiary Premiere Radio Networks’ executive VP of music operations, Gary Krantz, is joining Air America Radio as its new president, Air Idiot’s assimilation by the Borg-like broadcasting bête noire of the VRWC seems complete.

Imagine that. In less than a year, the wide-eyed neophyte wankers who declared broadcast war on the likes of Limbaugh, O’Reilly and their ilk, vowing to break the right’s stranglehold of the nation’s airwaves, have pretty much turned into just another cog in the Clear Channel machine, a stable for CC to access along the lines of Premiere or Jones’s rosters of radio talkers.

Expect to see more changes in the Air Idiot lineup, as the recent jettisoning of “Unfiltered” in favor of Jerry Springer signals. That move reeks of being a Clear Channel edict…they already had a relationship with Springer, whose show they carried on five or so of their stations before he was added to Air Idiot’s “lineup.”

The only fealty Clear Channel holds is to the bottom line of radio: ratings; their ideology is profit. And if that means dropping Garafolo or these guys in favor of Arbitron-proven liberal talkers, like Ed Schultz or Lionel, or some local personality in any particular market, they aren’t gonna hesitate in pulling the trigger.

Now, each show stands alone, which is exactly how folks like Limbaugh, Dr. Laura and that psychopath Savage got the whole talk radio ball rolling in the first place.

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