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Assholes at Work

These clowns never cease to amaze. If there is anyone, any group of more than five people in possession of a checkbook and a gripe about something, the NY City Council will go out of their way to do something asinine if the grumbling group will cut some checks.

Their latest act of retardation can be found in a bill that would make it illegal for any hotelier to convert more than 20% of their space to condos or any other residential use. The bill is part of the city’s hotel workers union’s war with the owner of the Plaza. The NY Post’s editors tore into the Council today, noting that if they pass this law, no one in their right mind will build another hotel anywhere in the five boroughs.

These dumbasses go out of their way to suck up to unions and their campaign dollars. Sure, the hotel workers will lose some jobs that previously existed at the Plaza, but does anyone really believe that Manhattan, Center of the Frickin’ Universe when it comes to theater and culture and tourism in America, will ever be lacking in overpriced rooms to house all the visitors who come to this city every goddamn year?

It’s like the shit that got thrown at Wal Mart for trying to open a store in Queens. The affected unions, along with shopowners who do not want to deal with any competition, scream bloody murder and wave their checkbooks at these schmucks, and the schmucks jump. So Wal Mart looked over here at Staten Island, where Wal Mart would be welcomed with open arms. The same fucking unions said they would continue the fight here.

Listen up, you assholes: I can hop in the car and drive for about fifteen minutes and go to Jersey to do my shopping. A shitload of Staten Islanders already do that regularly, as do Queens residents who just drive a short distance into Westchester or Long Island and spend the bread out there. But because you’re too fucking interested in keeping the unions happy, you let all that potential sales tax keep flowing away from the city’s coffers, but that means shit to you fools as long as the union dough keeps flowing to yours.

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