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Archive for "Mar 18 2005"

Editorial Idiocy

New York Post:

America is at war — a war that started right here in New York City. It is a time for sober reflection and solemnity, and it is not asking too much for marching firefighters to honor the uniforms they wear by wearing them properly.

What the fuck?

How dare you try to tie 9/11 to this bullshit! I’ll remind you (mostly imported Limey) asshats that there were three St. Paddy parades held since then where no one said shit about the berets, buttons, beads or anything else members of the FDNY may have worn with their dress blues while walking the line. You wanna carry Scoppetta and Hayden’s water, fine. But trying to play their decision as having anything to do with honoring the 343 is about the lowest shit I’ve ever seen you bastards print.

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Getting Retarded on ‘Rhoids II

As I was walking the (spoiled little bastard) BootzDog this morning I saw a guy reading the paper while waiting for a bus and decided this cover was joining the collection I have adorning my home office’s walls:


Inside the paper, The Lip immediately tore into Muscles McGwire’s turn at the mic:

“I’m not here to talk about the past,” McGwire said to the Congress of the United States, as if that closed the books on everything.

What did McGwire think he was there for, to tell us how much of his own money he spent on establishing a foundation for abused children? …(snip)…

All we want to know from McGwire is this: Was he on the juice when he was hitting all those home runs for the Cardinals? He had the chance to clear the record about his home run records once and for all. He sure did not. Instead, he threw himself on the mercy of everyone watching him. The suggestion that he could not give straight answers to questions about steroids “without jeopardizing my friends, my family and myself,” sounded dumber than Jose Canseco’s dumbest day.

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