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Kill the Dolans!

It’s war! Jets announce lawsuit against Cablevision

I hate the Dolans. They’ve allowed the Knicks to become a bitter, overpaid joke of a basketball team; are one of the principle causes of the NHL season going down the toilet, by paying insane salaries (notice the trend?) to old, past-their-prime players, and generally are the shittiest corporate sports entity in the entire city when it comes to treating their customers fairly.

They pay no property taxes on Madison Square Garden–one of the world’s most famous arenas–because they strong-armed the city into giving them an exemption by threatening to move the Knicks and Rangers out of MSG, yet they have the gall to run countless psuedo “public service” ads decrying the stadium plan as a waste of taxpayer dollars. And they have the balls to prevent backers of the plan from advertising over their pipes, when they have monopoly control over cable in Manhattan?

I don’t want anything to do with a NYC Olympics, but I want that stadium built, especially if it means we can get the 2010 Super Bowl, because I am goddamn tired of freezing my ass off in Jimmy Hoffa’s tombstone.

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