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Archive for "Mar 16 2005"

Kill the Dolans!

It’s war! Jets announce lawsuit against Cablevision

I hate the Dolans. They’ve allowed the Knicks to become a bitter, overpaid joke of a basketball team; are one of the principle causes of the NHL season going down the toilet, by paying insane salaries (notice the trend?) to old, past-their-prime players, and generally are the shittiest corporate sports entity in the entire city when it comes to treating their customers fairly.

They pay no property taxes on Madison Square Garden–one of the world’s most famous arenas–because they strong-armed the city into giving them an exemption by threatening to move the Knicks and Rangers out of MSG, yet they have the gall to run countless psuedo “public service” ads decrying the stadium plan as a waste of taxpayer dollars. And they have the balls to prevent backers of the plan from advertising over their pipes, when they have monopoly control over cable in Manhattan?

I don’t want anything to do with a NYC Olympics, but I want that stadium built, especially if it means we can get the 2010 Super Bowl, because I am goddamn tired of freezing my ass off in Jimmy Hoffa’s tombstone.

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Comments are Screwy

I just went through the stuff that had been rejected and found that a couple of things that should have been allowed were kicked out. I apologize to those of you who’ve seen your comments go into a black hole. I’m rectifying it right now. If you’re inclined, try posting the comment again. If you still get kicked, email me:


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Dumb Ass Alert

This has to be the most tone deaf tune I’ve ever heard played by a NYC official:

Specifically, in all emboldened capital letters item No. 2 of the directive dated March 4, and titled St. Patrick’s Day Parade, 2005, states: THE WEARING OF GREEN BERETS IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED. …(snip)…

In 1975, Acting Fire Commissioner Stephen Murphy signed Department Order No. 44 giving official permission for a Green Beret platoon to march in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

And they’ve marched in every St. Patrick’s Day Parade since. Over the years, the number of Green Berets has swelled to about a thousand heads, as retirees and active members march side by side.

Hamill the Younger’s column today is just amazing. NYC Fire Commish Nicky Scoppetta–who couldn’t piss out a candle after drinking a barrel of Guinness– issued a directive saying…oh, Jayzuz, Mary and Joseph!, I’ll let his mouthpiece explain it:

“It comes down to a disciplinary issue,” says Frank Gribbon, an FDNY spokesman. “It’s a paramilitary job, with a young membership, and the commissioner and the chiefs feel that the men need to be molded to respect the uniform. You cannot wear buttons, flowers, beads or a green beret with the uniform. The same will hold for all parades.”

Sure, “respect the uniform,” but also respect the heritage.

The FDNY catches a lot of shit from the PC police because the department is overwhelmingly white guys. And a whole lot of those white guys are Irish immigrants and Irish-Americans. Among the city’s municipal ranks back in the day, the conventional wisdom was, when slotting newly arrived immigrants into the city’s workforce, “Anyone can drive a bus or a train or haul garbage, but only the Irish are crazy enough to run into burning buildings, and mean enough to take on the skells in the streets.” So the NYPD, and to this day the FDNY, became de facto Irish turf. It’s become “the family business.”

But the Green Berets ain’t necessarily an Irish thing:

“In this firehouse, there are black men, Hispanics, Jews, Poles, Italians, Irish,” Leonard says. “We’re brothers. And all of us will be marching as Green Berets in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. All the retired Green Berets are going to wear green berets come rain or shine.

Now, I’m guessing Scoppetta is a decent guy. But why Mayor Mike ever named him as fire commissioner always left me scratching my head, because nothing in his background gave the impression he knew jack shit about the reality of being a member of the FDNY; his appointment was strictly politics, and even in that respect, it made no sense to me. He sure as hell knows nothing about the FDNY’s history, and how much of that history–in the department’s own eyes–is green.

There is a reason you here a bagpiper playing “Amazing Grace” at every departmental funeral, Nicky, just like, at the 9/11 memorial held at Madison Square Garden a month after the tragedy, after the crowd booed Hillary Clinton right the fuck off the stage, the rafters shook when the FDNY’s Michael Moran bellowed an extremely un-PC message to Osama bin Laden, that I’d like to now offer to you:

“Kiss my royal Irish ass!”

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