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Today is Gonna Suck

Big time.

The bidnizz side of LeatherPenguin’s vast money-grubbing conspiracy is in tatters, with certifiably insane people the only clients currently listed under “open accounts” on the fiscal ledger, which means I have to unleash the Collections Agent persona from the dark recesses of my mind and send him out to go fetch the moola. These things never end well, and there really isn’t anywhere left on my hide that can fit the fresh scars that at least one of these bastards is going to probably deliver when I go to relieve him of my fees.

And The Wife’s runaround car, an ’89 Honda Civic hatchback, decided to start belching smoke from under its hood, which means it’s probably bullet-in-the-engine-block time for Old Goldy, because I’ll be damned if another nickel get put into the thing.

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