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Archive for "Mar 09 2005"

Got a Hoof? YOU I Can Cook!

I got a couple of nieces, so I have to draw the line at bunnies. Besides, they’re kinda stringy….

The Third Annual International Eat an Animal for PETA Day

(via ASV, where the minions of Darth Boss George are getting our aggregate aggression together. We make Rove’s guys look like pikers.)

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Today’s Funny

Brought to you direct from Arlen, TX.

(via that Jew-Pig-Zionist who publishes lies, LIES about the car that the fearless, glorious heroine of the oppression-fighting, revolutionary proletariat press was riding in after the Eyetalian commissars paid tribute to the indefatigable freedom fighters to secure her release, who the American running dogs then tried to silence, lest the Truth Be Told!)

TC@LP Notes: If that car got hit by anything more than a nine millie’s clip, I wanna know when the US Army started getting issued jello-shots for ordinance, because one pull on one of my Mossbergs would cut a hole about the size of a basketball in a car that size if I’m loaded up to stop a sucker dead in its tracks. There sure as shit wouldn’t be any windows left.

Too bad they didn’t martyr the commie bitch.

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