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Archive for "Mar 07 2005"

Tune it Up

Red neck dumb fuck low rent friends just walked into my backyard, not even thinking about the trespassing, and the dogs are licking their paws. They don’t even bother with the front door no more, these guys…. They found the amps and the drums…. Ah, fuck, here comes turn it up to eleven….

We’re gonna be playing Free Bird for a week. I just hope I can keep ’em away from the guns.

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Cue the Boomtown Rats

So I’m sitting in my underwear in front of the main Mac at somewhere around six this morning, hacking away at one of my friends, who I caught on camera in a display of public drunken duress yesterday while ambling around on Forest Avenue, when The Wife walks into the office.

“You’re up.”

“I never went down.”

“You came to bed right after I did. Your snoring woke me up.”

I point at BootzDog, curled in a ball in a corner of the office. “That was him.”

“He’s not allowed on the bed.”

“Says you.”

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Goomba Fongool!

Italians kept U.S. forces in dark

So we SHOT the commie bitch.

Any questions?

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