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Archive for "Mar 02 2005"

Air America Idiot Update

Yawn. The latest numbers are in:

The NYC Arbitron Abbattior 02/28/05:
WABC (Rush, Hannity): 3.8; 7th overall (#1 AM station)

WOR (O’Reilly, Savage): 2.1; 21st overall

WLIB (Air Idiot): 1.2; 24th overall

It’s over for this clown car of a radio station. How over? That stupid prude Malkin wrote something about them, citing some other useless shit who just squawked the talk I’ve hawked since roughly Day One of this shit ride. When she climbs up on a horse, you know the fucker has to be dead.

Unless I’m terminally bored, this is probably the last time I bother looking at their monthly Arbitrend numbers. (Yo, Malkin? Those weren’t the fucking Arbitron ratings numbers, idiot. They were monthly trend numbers. If you knew anything about what the fuck you were writing about, you’d know the difference. Get your scrawny ass back on border patrol.)

The Air Idiot Archive.

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Why Fingerboard Road Should Burn

That a)this reporter, and then b)her editor, could allow a sentence like this to be included in this article provides me with another arrow in my quiver of reasons that the feckless fuckwits from Fingerboard Road should just be frogmarched out to the back of their building and shot dead; they know absolute jack-shit about their “hometown” beat:

Staten Island, often thought to be behind the times when it comes to what’s hot and what’s not, is no exception to this trend. (Emphasis mine)

According to whom, you fucking idiots, is Staten Island considered behind the times?
When it comes to pop culture, I think SI stands pretty closer to the front lines than even our local goddamn fishwrap is willing to acknowledge. Examples:

David Johanson (NY Dolls): A West Brighton guy. As much a force in punk rock as anyone you can line up. It was a Doll who told the London punks to shut the fuck up.

Wu Tang Clan: Stapleton/Park Hill (Shao-Lin): Widely accepted as a huge force in the hip-hop explosion. Never mentioned about one of the major crews that brought gun battles into record sales.

Christine Aguilara (tart slut pop rock): Born in Great Kills. Forced Brittney Spears to accept her inner ho to try and stay “real.” Invented Lohan and countless other sluts.

People off this rock have been in the middle of it, for a long time. These are just three I can wheel off. But that our local paper can allow such shit to be printed, without even a glance, tells me they all need a good deal of culling the herd, because they are fucking clueless when it comes to their alleged readership.

But, then, they think David Jo is that “Hot, Hot, Hot,” guy.

I want Balsamini’s head on a platter for allowing this shit to endure.

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