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Archive for "Mar 2005"

Gnat Nibbles Elephant’s Ass

EU Will Seek to Impose Sanctions on U.S. You dolts realize we could take your lame-assed EU economy into an alley and knife the fucker right in the heart, right? You comprehend that fact, Ese? Beijing sure as shit does, which probably explains why they wouldn’t sign on to this shitride. And really, who gives […]

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I’m Calling “DipShit!”

This might be the dumbest fuck ever offered up: Since the Terri Schindler-Schiavo matter, many of the so called conservative bloggers that HundredPercenter links to have, unfortunately, unmasked a naked disregard or milquetoast standing for Terri’s life. I consider Terri’s fight for life a seminal moment in American history. Regard my position on the matter […]

Air America Idiot Update

Read Nikke Finke Slurping Franken’s Dink Jeez, just bend the fuck over, you tool. 00

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