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Archive for "Feb 26 2005"

Air America Idiot Update

Okay, I’ve gone over this before, so let these clowns say it:

Progressive radio was in trouble only a year ago as the newly launched liberal network Air America struggled with financial issues and a lack of distribution.

Enter Clear Channel. The largest radio company in the United States flipped several of its underperforming AM stations over to progressive talk last year. Ratings picked up enough, especially with younger listeners, that it flipped 22 more stations to the new format earlier this year, including Detroit’s WDTW. There are hints that it’s going to flip 20 more soon.

So the Franken-fueled fuckups are now beholden to a charter member of the VRWC for their existence. Even Franken is troubled by this new circumstance (but now can trust that his checks will clear). So what does Air Idiot do, to solidify their management? After stacking their upper eshelon with True Believers and no radio professionals in the beginning, and being kicked off their media-built perch and now forced to feed from one of Karl Rove’s beasts offered paw?

They hire a hippie who knows absolute shit about the business to run the joint:

Air America Radio confirmed Thursday that music industry veteran Danny Goldberg has been named CEO, a position that has been open since acting-CEO Doug Kreeger stepped down in December. Kreeger remains on the board.

Now, and I’m fucking beggin you FrankenFans here, tell me why this guy isn’t the final blow to Air Idiot’s pretensions at being a “new voice” in radio? Clear Channel owns their future:

According to reports, [Air America] burned through its initial $20 million investment last year, and this past November raised an additional $19 million.

DannyBoy can arrange “No Nukes 2: Radio Boogaloo” as a half-assed attempt to pay off that debt.

Somebody drag O-dub off the donut and have him explain this to me: Why in the name of Krispy Kreme should I believe these asshats have more than just a bank account that’s backing them up? Build an audience? Fuck that! We’ll just slip listening to our shit on the thirty-fifth page of some bullshit legislation. That’s how Demmos do it!

Y’know, like Media Matters. Another operation that can’t stand on its own two feet.

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