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Archive for "Feb 22 2005"

Mr. Wolfe, You Are SUCH a Nancy Boy

Okay, I understand you needed a lead-in for your piece on Hunter, but fer chrissakes:

When I finally met Mr. King, he was in Miami playing, along with Amy Tan, in a jook-house band called the Remainders.

Look, you prissy twit, the word is JUKE. Drop the Oxford snotty shit, you fucking git. And it ain’t ever been a “house,” it’s a goddamn JOINT. And those fucking embarrassments known as the Remainders would be beaten to death with long necked Buds if they ever tried to hoist their shit in one of the aboved referenced places that hadn’t been thoroughly sterilized by a team of their publishers PR whores. I know; I have endured their horrible act. I burned a couple of Steven King paperbacks as payback.

Now, Mr. Vanilla Suit and Oh So Pithy Wit, you drag your ass down to Jersey and apologize to Southside Johnny.

Other than that, not bad an essay, except you got the Altamont murder wrong. And it reads like a made up load of shit, but the WSJ editors probably lack the balls to call you on anything you toss across their transom. I mean, there’s only fucking film of the guy getting stabbed, and they let you walk on the pool cues. You could have scribbled “I am a Dandy who gets buggered in Miami” and they would have let that shit slide…until your dearest beard called them up and queered the deal.

The Kicking Continues…

Giambi Begins The ‘Rhoid Back.

Joel “SnarkBoy” Sherman:

Jason Giambi once again referred to Jose Canseco as “delusional” yesterday, which only makes you wonder if the fallen slugger actually owns a mirror.

Because no player lives further from reality these days than Giambi. All last year he lied to reporters about his steroid use. Now he is just lying to himself. Giambi says he is mentally tough, making him the only current Yankee employee who thinks that. Joe Torre doesn’t. Brian Cashman doesn’t. No Yankee player does.

Why would they? Giambi quit on the World Series in 2003 and seemed ready to quit altogether last year when his private, professional and pharmaceutical life crumbled around him. He might have cost the Yankees two titles in the process and definitely cost himself the last shreds of his reputation.

When the nutjobs at the Post get bored with kicking RhoidBoy, they are gonna turn their sights on the Big Unit Asshole, just for the fun of it. Uncle Joe is gonna have the worse fucking year of his Yankee manager life this go-round. I’m thinking of starting a pool to pick the day Darth Boss George explodes, because man, he’s been quiet way too long with all this shit going on.

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It’s Silver for the Gold Medal Gang

25 years ago Al Michaels uttered the soundbite of his life:

“Do you believe in miracles? Yes!

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