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Dumb, Dumb, Dumb

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The Kicking Continues…

Well, with camp officially under way today, seeing Yankee mates go to bat for Jason RhoidBoy is almost a given. He’s still on the team, and these are still Torre’s Yankees, so they’re gonna publicly rally around him. If this was the Bronx Zoo crew, Thurman would have already bludgeoned his ass flat with a bat, and let Billy and Reggie fight it out over who would bury the body out in Macombs Dam Park.

The thing that has me slightly piqued about the whole ‘rhoids scandal is a Daily News “exclusive” published today that centers on some FBI guy who claims he warned MLB a decade ago about players involved with steroids. The Lip takes it as gospel, and sneers at the league’s denial that such information was ever delivered to them.

I’m not sure I buy this guy’s story. First, the timing’s too cute. Second, this guy’s a Fed; they are notoriously anal about documentation when it comes to investigations of this sort. They make sure they have a solid paper trail to hand over to prosecuters if the cases make it to court.

“I alerted Major League Baseball back in the time when we had the case, that Canseco was a heavy user and that they should be aware of it. . . . I spoke to the people in their security office. Hallinan was one of the people I spoke to,” Stejskal told The News.

If he really met with MLB reps, he should have notes and such in the case jacket to back his story up. He should have been able to provide a date, time, and location this conversation took place. Until that kind of stuff is offered up, I’m taking his claim with a grain.

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