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Archive for "Feb 14 2005"

Holy Deja Vu, Batman

He’s a few years older than me, and made the move from the Bronx to SI four-five years in front of me, but reading My 60’s Staten Island: Feeling For The Island sounds like it’s coming right out of my skull, Dongan Hills and all. Spooky, I’m telling you…right down to the Pickle Works.

(hat tip: Jarvis’s psuedo-Staten Island flunky)

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Will You Just Shut Up?

So, what are the facts in this At St. Peter’s, trees fall, tempers flare brouhaha?

It’s St. Peter’s property. They are the only school without such a facility;

It’s their property. If they’d “consulted” with the community, they’d have been screamed at for even thinking about building the facility:

“They wouldn’t have had to cut down all the trees along Henderson Avenue if they planned to put the bleachers on the south side of the field,” Kennedy said. “Not only did they cut down these irreplaceable trees, they’ll have the community looking at the [back end] of their bleachers.”

In other words, “We’ll damn well decide what–and how–we’ll let you do anything with your property.”

If you look directly across the street from Pete’s, for as far as your eyes can see, sits a big honkin’ forest, you crybaby assholes! Any time Snug Harbor wants to do something with their property, you bastards get up in arms; now it’s St. Pete’s that are driving you nuts, and you bastards live in a neighborhood where the real estate prices are already so obscene you’d have to build a slaughterhouse to appreciably put a dent in them!

I Didn’t Get THIS Memo

I wouldn’t have declared yesterday “Ignore All Keyboards Day” at noontime If I’d know Jeff had declared it to be Whack a Butterball Asshole Day.

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