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Ain’t Gonna Happen

Blareth the New York Post’s back page today:

Forget it, folks. RhoidBoy ain’t gonna admit to jack shit. If he says, “As you read in the leaked grand jury testimony, yes, I took steroids, and I’m ashamed and sorry,” or anything along those lines, the Yankees tear up his contract, pocket the $80 million they owe him, and kick his ass out the door.

There is no way on God’s green Earth his agent and lawyers will allow him to tell the truth. He’ll hem and haw and dance around direct questions, and possibly break down and goddamn cry at some point, but he is NOT gonna admit to pumping juice.

So let’s just load up on the ammo we start throwing at him come Opening Day. And the next game. And the next game. And the next game….

UPDATE: Told you.

“I’m sorry I can’t be more candid with you guys about everything because of the ongoing legal matters,” he said.

80 million legal (tender) matters.

“When I went into that grand jury, I told the truth,” he said.

Yeah sure, but the Yanks can’t use anything illegally leaked from your grand jury testimony as evidence to fry your contract, as your lawyers know, so saying that is just smoke coming out of your lying, cheating, needle-jabbed ass.

God, I hope the Lip and the whackos at the Post just flail you alive tomorrow for putting on this con job of a press conference today.

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