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Screw Youse

So the assholes on the left are acting like, well, assholes, and chasing this guy out of the public square, because “Jaysus, Mary, Mother-of-Almighty Gawd!” he’s a Republican with a press pass and he’s (allegedly) GAY. His ass gotta fucking GO.

On the right side of the dial, that dumb shit from CNN–hell, CNN itself— is the scalp du jour in everyone’s sights, and it’s a grand conspiricy that the MSM hasn’t put him up against the wall and offered him a smoke before killing his career.

This partisan head hunting pissing match shit is boring the crap out of me. Thank God baseball’s back.

I think Kos and Atrios and all those assholes, and all the right wing scalp hunters, have a (not so) dirty little secret: they all wish they were in the positions their targets are currently encamped in. They wish they had the access, or the power, or whatever the fuck it is the target of their “righteous” truth-telling power-mad wrath possesses. So they’re willing to wipe out as many people as possible as they relentlessly march to their personal Promised Lands, whether that’s a regular pundit appearance on MSNBC or a BlogAds windfall while playing Pied Piper to pissants.

But most of all, you fucking idiots want your own place at the table. You want to be the ones cable news channel producers’ Rolodexes puke up when they are putting together their shows. You want to be the top of the mailing list that political party bosses pull out when it’s time to start gathering–and spending– the long green. You’re a bunch of starfucked Fame junkies.

And when you get there, when you’ve made it to the tops of whichever Mount Olympus you call your own, the next wave of celebrity seeking shitheads will come chasing after you, and your slice of the pie, and crush your pathetic lives trying to earn their own moment in the sun.

You fuckers aren’t “new media.” You just want to take the “old” media’s place. And the next bunch of young guns will in turn slaughter your asses, and ultimately nothing will change but the names.

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