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Archive for "Feb 09 2005"

Screw Youse

So the assholes on the left are acting like, well, assholes, and chasing this guy out of the public square, because “Jaysus, Mary, Mother-of-Almighty Gawd!” he’s a Republican with a press pass and he’s (allegedly) GAY. His ass gotta fucking GO.

On the right side of the dial, that dumb shit from CNN–hell, CNN itself— is the scalp du jour in everyone’s sights, and it’s a grand conspiricy that the MSM hasn’t put him up against the wall and offered him a smoke before killing his career.

This partisan head hunting pissing match shit is boring the crap out of me. Thank God baseball’s back. Read More ›

I Got a Bad Feeling About This

Remember Danny Almonte? He was the fourteen year old ringer who ran roughshod over his twelve year old competition all the way to the 2001 Little League World Series, until the fraud his father had perpetrated became public.

Well, Daddy’s back:

Danny Almonte’s father is pulling him from the Bronx and taking his million-dollar arm to Florida – with hopes that playing ball year-round will help get the teen to the big leagues, the Daily News has learned.

Danny’s old man is bad news when it comes to raising his son. To him, the kid has always been nothing but a meal ticket:

In his efforts to cultivate a player who would someday – preferably someday soon – command a salary of millions, The New York Times reported Felipe Almonte neglected to enroll his son in school for the entire 18 months they have lived in this country. His father said Danny has done nothing but “eat and play ball” since he arrived in America.

Since then Daddy’s been out of the picture; the kid has been living in the Bronx with Rolando Paulino, who sponsored the league that was disgraced when the fraud was found out, and banned from any further participation in Little League baseball. Paulino has raised the kid since then, and enrolled him in Monroe High, where last year he proved he wasn’t a fluke by leading his team to the NYC championship, tossing a one-hitter in the deciding game.

“We were pushing him in class and teaching him a lot about life,” said Monroe coach Mike Turo. “We got him away from all that Little League stuff, and I feel this is going to bring him back to that.”

Daddy doesn’t give a shit about that:

“The school is all the same,” said Felipe Almonte…(snip)

“It’s not important.”

The team down in Florida features some of the players from the 2001 scandal squad, and is coached by their former manager, who was also banned from Little League ball after the fraud was discovered. That he’s on their payroll tells me everything I need to know about the school Danny’s going to be “attending.” By the way, Danny’s going to be living with the coach, not his father. Daddy’s seemingly still be too busy to actually care anything about his boy’s life, other than the heat he’s packing in his left arm, of course. And what that heat might be worth.

Now, when the kid’s reaching draft eligibility age, and has been mentored by people who recognized his talent and potential–but didn’t treat him like a piece of meat–these fuckers are back in control of the kid’s life. He’s back to being a piece of meat again, and Daddy’s gonna try to feast on him.

“There was always going to come a time when he came to get his son,” Paulino said. “But it’s not right that it happened this way.”

Watch. They’re gonna ruin that kid’s future by ignoring his education, pushing him too hard, and blowing out his arm. He’ll be just another phenom who failed. And it’ll all be Daddy’s fault, because Daddy doesn’t see a son: Daddy sees an ATM.

I hope I’m wrong, but I’d be willing to bet large I’ll turn out to be right.

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