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Archive for "Feb 04 2005"

Here Comes the Fun!

Judge strikes down New York’s ban on same-sex marriage

I don’t think government has any business at all in defining what constitutes, or performing, a “marriage.” To me, that’s the domain of priests, rabbis, mullahs, etc. I’ve always considered it a religious ceremony since, well, that’s where the whole bloody concept came from. Anything government decrees is a civil matter, not a spiritual one. You know, that whole “separation of Church and State” thing (which, by the way, is a myth; a canard used to chase religion from the public square). But when it comes down to it, it doesn’t affect me in any way, shape, or form, so I don’t give a damn.

But man, is this gonna start a shitstorm! Forget Red State/Blue State; this is gonna play Upstate/Downstate. Remember that county-by-county election map? Kerry didn’t win New York State; Kerry won the NYC metro part of of the state.

You’ve got a Manhattan judge issuing the decree: automatically, a whole bunch of people who live north of Yonkers are gonna have their noses out of joint, whatever their personal opinions on the issue. They hate the city, period. They pay their outrageous taxes and watch their small cities and towns’ economies whither and die as employers flee the usury that is the cost of doing business here while–to their eyes–all their tax dollars flow into Manhattan, which keeps demanding more and more of their money every passing year, while more and more of their local businesses shutter their stores and lock their doors.

Then there’s these lines from the judge’s ruling:

The words “husband,” “wife,” “groom” and “bride” in relevant sections of the Domestic Relations Law “shall be construed to mean ‘spouse,”‘ the judge wrote, and “all personal pronouns … shall be construed to apply equally to either men or women.” (snip)

“Under both the federal and New York State constitutions, it is beyond question that the right to liberty, and the concomitant right to privacy, extend to protect marriage,” Ling-Cohan wrote in a 62-page decision.

Those words are gonna drive people crazy. “Legislating from the bench” is going to play heavy for opponents of this decision, and it could make people who actually have no problem with same sex “marriage” get pissed off that some judge has decided by fiat to rewrite the law. That shit belongs either in the state legislature or on a ballot, not in some obscure political hack’s hands. (This is New York… all the judges are political hacks, whether elected or appointed.)

The judge made her ruling, then immediately punted the ball to state A.G. Spitzer, who is running for Governor, and would probably win in a walk, but just had a ticking time bomb land on his desk that could blow up in his face and cost him the race, whichever way he goes–if he picks it up at all.

Fun, fun, fun!

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Air America Idiot Update

I told you…. She’s a crazed, twisted, dumb little bitch, who lives in a world where the sky is blood red and the rivers flow full of mercury and BushHitlerCorp–through Karl Rove’s evil machinations and multitudinous minions–have waylaid her march to an Oscar.

Oh, and Laura Ingraham beats the shit out of her Monday through Friday nights when their radio shows go head to head under Arbitron’s headlights.

So don’t be shocked when she barks at the moon.

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Nuke Albany NOW!

Really, just wipe the place out, because when Pataki & Co. start floating this kind of insanity as a one shot remedy for their flagrantly corrupt mismanagement, while they’re living the large life on the taxpayers’ time and dime, there is no point wasting more than a minute jabbering about reforming the way these scumbags play; just flip some switches and be done with the bitches.

It’s tabula rasa time.

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