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Archive for "Feb 03 2005"

Downmarket Blogging

Want to make your hit counter catch fire? Well, “Tom Paine” down under at Silent Running has come up with a hoot(er) solution.

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SOTU Address/Dem Response

Okay, I’ve zipped around and scanned a bunch of pajama pundits, lefty moonbats, and righty wingnuts explaining what I watched for myself last night. Overall reaction? Who gives a shit? I watched the same thing they did.

TC Analysis: Good speech; some great moments, some “fargin’ boilerplate, go get a beer” moments. I particularly liked the “You’re next, motherfucker, if you don’t get your shit together right now!” part aimed at Syria’s punk despot Assad. All the moonbats who keep yabbering about “Bush lied! No WMD!” should be very worried about what we’re gonna find nestled in the Bekaa Valley when we whack that little shit and his crew into history’s dustbin.

The Democrat response was… well… Jeez, you wheel these two losers out? Uncle Cornpone from the desert? I got bottles of Nyquil in my medicine cabinet that are thinking about quitting after watching him in action. Nancy Pelosi? Mrs. “You wanna know how deep taxing your asses is ingrained in my DNA? My son was the bright light who came up with slapping a fee on every bag you walk out of a San Francisco store with.”

Long story short, the opposition party’s response boiled down to this.

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