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Can You Hear It?

NEWS ITEM: Site Wins Right to Dub Famed Stuntman ‘Pimp’

When I heard about this court case yesterday, I kinda shrugged it off. What did you expect coming from the 9th Circus? Then I sat still for a few moments, and I heard something, far off, but close, y’know?

Okay, now, shush for a minute. Can you hear it? That whirring sound? It’s getting kinda louder, but not loud enough to hear if you are not listening for it.

It’s Danny Moynihan ever increasingly spinning in his grave. He’s gotta be twenty feet deeper since they planted him in the ground with the insane crap we take as the normal everyday, even laud with awards, in these whack-a-doo times.

UPDATE: Well, at least the people catching the brunt of this kind of crap are fighting back.

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