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Archive for "Dec 31 2004"

Resolved: No Slack for Assholes

Gabba Gabba HEY!

Our guys can kick your guys straight to Hell

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MeeYOW, Baby!

Not a word.

I just want ringside seats to this cat/cock/bitchfest.

Or at least another video out of the deal.

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Goober Alert

Dvorak: Grim Macintosh Market Share Forebodes Crises

Christ, Johnny, you’ve been sounding the Mac’s deathknell for over a friggin’ decade already, and you’ve been proven wrong so many times it’s not even worth taking your arguments apart any more. And to release your latest broadside a week or so ahead of the latest San Francisco Macworld Expo, where the Reality Distortion Field usually gets a wicked jolt when Jobs wheels out the newest, coolest whatever, is just retarded.

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