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Archive for "Dec 30 2004"

Air America Idiot Update

In a Wilmington Journal article published today, titled 2004: The Black Year in Review, there’s this odd little snippet listed under the month of April’s highlights:

The liberal Air America radio network featuring comedian Al Franken, kicks off with five stations nationwide.

That’s all they said. What’s odd about it is there is no mention that three of the five stations where Air Idiot debuted (two of which summarily kicked their asses out the door when they couldn’t pay their bills) were stations serving minority communities. Air Idiot did the same thing when they established a signal in the Philadelphia market back in August.

I mean, if those stations’ programming honchos had kicked the minority audience into the gutter to run Limbaugh, O’Reilly et al, there would be outraged howling coming out of Wilmington… but all they do is makes this throw away mention about Air Idiot’s debut, and for the life of me, I can’t see how this rates as a “black” moment whose backstory is left uncommented upon.

They have a grand total of two black on-air staffers, Mark Riley and former NWA leader Chuck D., both of whom (at least in NYC) are in hellhole time slots that guarantee they get slaughtered in the ratings, and neither of whom matter jack shit to Air Idiot’s PR department, who constantly push Franken, Garafola, and to a lesser extent Randi Rhodes, so how the (white) devil does Air Idiot’s arrival on the media landscape qualify as a “black” thing? I mean, jeez, even the author of the article ignored the only brothers the station bothered hiring!

The Air Idiot Archive

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Today’s Zen Moment of Idiocy

Went to bed very late last night after baffling my way through deciding which content management software I should use as the core of the soon-to-be (no, really!) revamped LeatherPenguin Publishing stable of websites. B2evolution looks to be the winner, though Dreamweaver will still be involved. Not counting this here soapbox of mine, there were five seperate entities, which I had spent most of the night shoving up against each other until they congealed into a more managable three, with this blog treated like a crazy uncle in the basement: its existence will be acknowledged by the rest of the family, but not too loudly…no need to draw attention to the fact that the clown in charge often goes off his meds and acts like a raving nutbag. Might scare the clients. Keep it seperated from the respectable side of the family.

Anyhoo, I woke up at five thirty and stumbled down the stairs to the kitchen. Grabbed coffee pot from its perch in Joe DiMaggio’s bosom and filled it with water. Went back to machine, poured the water into the machine, removed hopper and dumped last batch of grounds in garbage, put in new filter, filled with fresh grounds, closed hopper and pushed power switch to “on” position. Went into downstairs bathroom and performed morning ablutions, then went upstairs to dress and make sure Wife was awake and out of the bed so she wouldn’t miss her express bus into Manhattan. The smell of fresh brewing coffee wafted through the house, always a comforting way to start a day.

Returned to kitchen and realized that no one was going to beat me in Dick of the Day competition.

Anyone wanna guess where I drew the morning’s mental blank?

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