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Archive for "Dec 28 2004"

Good Riddance

Author and Activist Susan Sontag Dies

I hope Sontag was screaming at the end


I hated hated the arrogant bitch. I know I’ll die and leave some fuckhead a moment of solace; may she have delivered one to me: She went first.

She was way possibly the most over-rated piece of shit ever committed to “lit” status. Find any–any–Lit Ph.D who could talk about her
as a writer.

They don’t exist. It was always Sontag as American/white culture critic. If legions of college nitwits didn’t get convinced she was cool by her academe cohorts, no one would give a shit. If her audience didn’t have its collective dick getting rubbed, she wrote nothing worth the paper it showed up upon.

Get Used to This

This earthquake/tsunami is gonna end up with something like 70K dead.

So everybody shut up and pray to whoever–or whatever–you consider significant, and get on with the repair work.

Back in the day, you didn’t find out this kind of carnage happened until three, four days later. Now you hear it in RealTime.

Here’s your New World Order: Time’s Short. MOVE NOW.

But stop the freaking fingerpointing.

Do Fast Math. Figure it out. Donate to someone you trust.

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Mugger Delivers

I’ve been subconsciously avoiding Russ Smith since the ALCS debacle, but ENOUGH WITH THE BITCHING was already getting me giggling when this inveterate member of Red Sox Nation added this:

Boston’s sportswriters are pulling a collective von Hoffman themselves, moaning about Pedro Martinez’s barbs about Red Sox management (and Curt Schilling) after he sensibly accepted a more lucrative contract from the Mets. These are the same guys who, just before the post-season last fall, complained that
Pedro had lost his stuff and GM Theo Epstein would be smart to ditch the hilarious future Hall of Famer. It’s a great deal for the Mets: When Pedro pitches, at least until he lands on the
DL, Shea Stadium will be packed, and George Steinbrenner’s bound to be pissed seeing
the “diva” on the back pages of the Post and Daily News.

Go read it. He backhands Tina Brown, Jann Wenner, and a couple of other “Hit Me Because I’m a Dick” sign-wearing celebs in the rant column.

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