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Archive for "Dec 17 2004"

There is a Butt Joke in Here Somewhere

I just can’t find it.

WASHINGTON – The sex industry funded part of a campaign that opposes the construction of a new baseball stadium on the Anacostia waterfront.


And, WTOP Radio has learned up to 20 percent of the $50,000 came from Robert Siegel, an Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner whose business would have to move to make way for the stadium.

Siegel is a major landowner on the South Capitol stadium site, an area that Siegel calls “D.C.’s unofficial Red Light district.”

He owns 11 properties, several of which house gay nightclubs. He also owns a gay porn shop and adult theaters.

He says he’s spent $20,000 of his own money to keep from being displaced by a new stadium. The funding includes other efforts he undertook to keep out baseball, including neighborhood signs and lawyer fees.

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Paging “Dr.” Edwards

Remember back during the election when that vain, prissy, Narcissistic putz of a Democrat VP candidate said he and his fellow loser would get cripples like Christopher Reeves “out of their wheelchairs” because they would allow uninhibited embryonic stem cell research? Well, the Breck Girl, being the jackass of a politician he proved himself to be, probably doesn’t like a story like this anymore than the usual anti-Bush rabble who were demanding the right to butcher babies-in-waiting on Uncle Sam’s dime.

Howaldt and his colleagues treated the skull in the same operation that recovered bone from the girl’s pelvis and about 1.5 ounces of fat tissue from her buttocks. The bone was milled into chips about one-tenth of an inch long and placed in the missing areas of the skull. Then surgeons added the stem cells to the bone chips. The cells had been extracted from the girl’s fat in a laboratory while surgeons prepared the girl’s skull.

See, Silky Pony? These doctors didn’t need to use embryonic stem cells to help this girl. They harvested the raw materials they needed directly from her own body.

I don’t have anything against embryonic stem cell research. I’m sure, as shown in stories like this, that privately funded research is as critically import for medical science to advance as that done through federal grants. But the way the administration was vilified for stating that the only embryonic stem cell research that the Feds would fund had to be restricted to specified existing lines was one of the more egregious bits of demogoguery that during the campaign the Kedwards camp flung about like monkeys playing with shit .

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Fenway South?

Besides waiting around to see if the Yanks can finally close the Big Unit deal, I have to give the Muts props for making this off-season fun to watch unfold. The Post’s Serby the Stupendously Shitbrained, not happy enough with the Pedro signing now official–and jeez, you gotta know I’m waiting for the first Nelson de la Rosa sighting–now wants the team from Queens to go get Manny.

As a Bronx boy, I love the idea, but I can’t buy the notion that the Wilpons are gonna let Minaya get all Boss George with the payroll, but it would be fun to have those two whackjobs running amok out in Queens. And giving Petey former Mut captain (and Brooklyn/Staten Island Golden Goomba) John Franco’s number may mean they need to draw a lot of Hispanic fans to counter any dropoff of Italian fannies in the seats.

But hell, the fodder those two could provide the NYC tabloids just boggles the mind…. Screw Boomer; those two unleashed in the city’s nightlife scene, getting the Muts major ink in the front of the papers in addition to the back pages, is something that would drive Darth Boss George freaking insane, and Boss in TotalNutBag mode is always fun to behold.

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