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Archive for "Dec 07 2004"

Next Round in the Culture War

I’ve been arguing with myself about this subject since the election. Now that they’ve been thoroughly thrashed at the ballot box, where is the next place for those moral hordes of Red Staters to shove the Blues up against the wall and have at ’em?


The utter lunacy that’s been going on recently about pasteurizing Christmas is the best example. Things like this are popping up quite a bit this year, and I’m writing it off to petty payback by the disgruntled Kerry voters whose numbers in academe are Legion.

Discriminations asks, “May God Appear In Fifth Grade History?” as he recounts the widely publicized plight of a teacher who was told he couldn’t use various American historical documents, including the Declaration of Independence, because they referred to God.

So fight the next fight in the halls of academe. The Left already understands this is the next battlefield, but are inclined to miss the point and focus on the wrong place. Instead, do it at the local school board level. Whether you have a kid in the system or not, your tax dollars run the joint, so you have every right to go to the school board meetings and bust their chops when things like this occur. Pick up your local paper and find out who are the local bigmouths on matters educational. Find out what kind of PC crap is installed in your local system and just hammer it and its defenders until they scream. Think of all the kids who will benefit!

And they’ll take care of the colleges when they get there. The tables are already turning in the universities. Cut off the supply of fresh, mindless drones and the tenured PC moonbats will fall aside eventually from sheer ridicule, if nothing else.

Gotta Tell Rusty


I was totally bombarded with comment spam last night, something like 120 pieces, so the comment section will be operating under moderation until I get some anti-spambot protection in place.

Kermit? I think a comment you posted in the Home Depot thing got wiped in the process. Sorry. I’m trying to get everything squared away.

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