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Damn Right I’m Happy

Bombers play hardball with Jason

SANTO DOMINGO, D.R. – Determined to dump disgraced slugger Jason Giambi, the Yankees are assembling a murderer’s row of outside lawyers to tackle his contract, several sources told the Daily News yesterday.

“They’re serious about this,” once source said.

I’ve had a visceral, some friends said “irrational” hatred of RhoidBoy from Day One; back when he was with Oakland I thought he was an overhyped, juice chugging chump. When people would point at his numbers my response always boiled down to “He was scared shitless when he faced the Yanks in the playoffs. Tino wiped the floor with him in the 2000 LCS. What in God’s Name makes you think he’ll lose the big game fear by playing here?” When he took himself out of the lineup in Game Five against the Marlins in ’03 he sealed the deal for me. That whacked out BossBucks contract meant I was stuck with having to accept him since he was never going to get traded. Then someone dropped those transcripts off at the SF Chronicle and the sun came back into a part of my baseball life.

My wife said she felt sorry for him. I told her she was an absolute idiot and was no longer allowed to wear my Munson jersey, ever, not even in the boudoir, until she said he was a pussy and deserved all the bad karma the universe could heap on his suddenly scrawny shoulders. I’m still waiting, honey! I mean it this time!

Now he’s probably history and Tino looks to be coming back into the fold. This has been one skippy fine week in the LeatherPenguin’s igloo, yessirree!

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