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Prayers for Buttons, Please

Buttons was a winner:
The Long Walk

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Bread versus Circus

OpinionJournal – Wonder Land

Not-normal people are becoming the norm. Exhibitionism is routine. Last Sunday, Giants’ tight end Jeremy Shockey caught a 15-yard pass across midfield and danced and pranced like he’d won the Super Bowl. It was weird and pathetic. The Giants got killed. But the same commentators appalled at Ron Artest routinely write that sport “needs more characters,” meaning more egomaniacs.

This is the Giambi/Bonds (and do not any of you bastards remove Bonds from this) dilemma facing MLB: “Are Your Corporate Values Attached to Video Sales? Or has Rupert bought your soul?”

Or should we just shut down Cooperstown and open a new VH1-inspired outlet in Boca Raton?

We could do Sping Training there … and share needles!

Everyone arguing what was legal or not in this case, according to contract, shut your ass. Steroids were a known “no-go” since mid-Seventies Olympic scandals. I spend good money every year to be a “Friend of the Hall of Fame.” I do my baseball version of the monstrous assholes who claim to be a “religion of peace” while they are fighting against the 20th Century–nevermind this one–and I go to My Mecca and kneel before the collected awesome pantheon. And I pray: Rose, Rose, Rose.

You fuckers thought Pete was the shit because what he might have done as a manager. These bastards, from McGuire straight to Giambi and Bonds, have grabbed all the “muscle” records and thrown them in the gutter.

AND BEFORE YOU START: Sheff has been a jock yelled at me about.
Do your own google, but here’s where it came down:
>>Sheff, friend, consulted his child’s godfather (gf) (Bonds) about help for a cranky knee.
>>Bonds’ trainer offers up “The Cream.”
>>Sheff found out it was ‘rhoids.
>>Sheff disavowed Bonds as his child’s (gf).

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