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Archive for "Nov 18 2004"

Terrorist Texas Truck

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If Janet was “NippleGate” …

Then Terrell and Nicolette’s ABC/NFL cross promo locker room romp/debacle should get called MandingoGate.
Don’t yell at me, it was her idea.

(via Tongue Tied)

Restructuring Under Way

Well, the new office, after some clear eyed rejiggering, will be fully operational come Friday afternoon, so now the excruciating part begins: retooling the business plan, with an eye towards throwing said plan into the air and blasting it to smithereens. LeatherPenguin has a new igloo. What LeatherPenguin needs is a new mission.

There are five scenarios currently dancing around in my head. Each will be given its own spiffy legal pad and thrashed until they either prove themselves to be a miserable delusion or a viable option. Survivors will then be set upon each other and jungle rules allowed to pick the winning gambit. This has to be completed by the end of the month. That means Head Honcho is going to be one crazed flightless waterfowl come December One.

The biz plan is going to have to include seriously whoring myself pursuing an actual marketing/advertising strategy, which incorporates the websites (not counting this here blog, the total is four, all which are now in tatters). They gotta start pulling eyeballs and paying for some of their bandwidth. They are all to be put on the operating table and redesigned in a way that somehow ties them all together. Some, I fear (LPnote: Liar! You know), will not survive the operation; their major organs incorporated into their siblings. Everything has to be accomplished in time for a January 6th, 2005 rollout. All this to be accomplished on a piece of shoestring budget.

Really. No pressure. No pressure at all.
(exit, stage right, whistling while passing the graveyard filled with similar plans from the past.)

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