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Archive for "Nov 16 2004"

I Hope This Makes the Show

Because I would love to see these two punkass pieces of human garbage getting a classic public beatdown:

VICTORIA Gotti’s sons Carmine, 18, and John, 17, took a beating last weekend after they allegedly harassed a 15-year-old girl at a Long Island mall.

The 17-year-old brother of the aggrieved girl delivered a beat-down to the Gotti boys after they “pinched her butt and made disgusting comments” at the Roosevelt Field Mall on Saturday, says our source.

The enraged brother and two of his friends approached the Gottis and their 10-person crew after his sister complained about their boorish behavior.

“Next thing you know this kid was really beating the c- -p [LPnote: the NYPost can’t print “crap”?] out of Carmine,” a witness to the melee told PAGE SIX. “All the Gotti friends were taking cheap shots, punching and kicking the back of this kid’s head, but he didn’t care. He just continued to beat Carmine till he was bloody, and then he went after John and whupped him, too.

“He was in a zone, repeating, ‘Not my sister. I don’t care who you are.’ And the Gottis’ crew couldn’t hold him back. The whole crowd of people was cheering, adults were coming up to the kid after the fight and congratulating him. He really showed those boys they aren’t above the law.”

Here we have another of those Blue State/Red State “moral values” divides on display. These two spoiled brats spent their lives being treated like little princes while Grandpa and his crew were around. With Grandpa dead and the uncles all in the slammer, they should have disappeared into something resembling a normal life. But some roaring asshole television producer in LA or Manhattan decided they should be on national display, because GrandDad was the Last Don, dig it?, who the media treated like a superstar when he was just an overreaching thug. America would be interested in these jamokes and their caricature of a Mafia Princess mother because they were …Gotti, dammit! The well-to-do offspring of a notorious hood! Americans eats that up! Just look at the Sopranos, and don’t even get me started about the Corleones!

So these knuckleheads still thought they were untouchable because their last name’s Gotti and they are now media-spawned psuedo-celebrity badasses in their own right. Puh-goddamn-leeze!

Who just got their butts whupped in the mall they probably imagined they ruled like Grandpa ruled the Ravenite. By the Wronged Girl’s pissed off older brother who rides life by “Semper Fi.”

There’s your Red State Values, people: “You mess with mine and I’ll kick your ass no matter who you think you are!

Even when the play looks like you’re outnumbered.
10 of Them vs. 3–shit…Me?
10 of Those mooks have no fucking idea what they woke up.

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