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Archive for "Nov 12 2004"

Attention: Meat Eaters. Hog Be Cooking

Go here, or/and then here, and be prepared to wipe drool from your chin.

The Moral? “Blue” Means “No Fun” State

11 Year-Old Girl Suspended For ‘Dangerous’ Cartwheels At School

“I don’t think they care about the children at all,” father Leland Faegre said. “What sort of a parent or administrator would ever enforce a rule that would proscribe a child from using her arms and her legs? We have got to fix this mess because we have to let children be children.”

And another ‘Red’ voter is born.
Keep it up, Cali, and by 2006 you’ll be Purple.

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Zoo Clouds Gathering

You gotta admit, he’s a helluva liar team player:
Posada’s OK with catching Pedro:

“I’ve got no problems getting things straight and going on. We are gentlemen here and we are adults, so we can work things out.”

As long as “getting things straight” involves the Bleacher Creatures lined up in two facing ranks, and Petey walking the gauntlet before the contract is finalized, I guess I could stomach him in Pinstripes … I could probably organize a good betting pool for what day his clubhouse antics draws a thunderbolt from Mount St.Steinbrenner.

But this would be my Christmas present from Darth Boss George:

Tino Martinez is a more likely acquisition, because the Yankees will need an insurance policy at first base for Jason Giambi and both Tony Clark and John Olerud are free agents. Tino Martinez wouldn’t have to win friends in the clubhouse – he’s already got them – and the Yankees have spoken internally about bringing back the first baseman who was a New York star from 1996-2001, and they believe Tino Martinez would like to return.

Boss, if you bring Tino back, I will forgive you for originally casting him aside for RhoidBoy. I will forgive damn near all the horseshit you and your “braintrust” made of the pitching staff last season. I will refrain from wishing cancer on all the members of your Tampa Mafia for their contempt and disrespect shown to Andy Pettite. I will give you all a pass for believing Clemens would actually file his retirement papers, and not having something in place that guaranteed if he changed his mind he stayed put in the Bronx.

Not Kevin Brown, though. I will never forgive whichever asshole convinced you to sign that broken down piece of shit. Good Lord, you insane boat building son of a bitch! The Machine had grinded him up and melted him down in the ’98 World Series. How the hell did anyone convince you a half dozen years later that an oft-injured headcase Big Game Loser like him could possibly help?

Nope. Can’t let you walk on that one. It was probably the single stupidest pitching move you guys ever made, and you’ve made some doozies.

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