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Archive for "Nov 11 2004"

Even on Veteran’s Day

This obnoxious bastard has to dip into the Ham Vacuum School of Argument.
Richard Cohen: Let Iraq hawks send their kids to fight

Lt. Leonard M. Cowherd was killed May 16, 2004. He was 22. He was also a West Point graduate, so if you are looking for some way to mitigate the tragedy, that could be it. He chose the military. Of course, he did not want to be killed, but he was a college graduate, a smart guy, and he understood the risks.

The condescension is breathtaking.
Why don’t you say what you mean, scumbag?
“This guy was smart, a college grad, fer chrissskes! But it was West Point, after all. So it isn’t a complete tragedy that he got himself killed, because he knew it could happen. As opposed to all those dumb rubes who usually get their asses killed fighting these mindless neo-cons “wars.” They didn’t choose the military. They were conned by some slick Army recruiter who convinced them it was their only way out of the ghetto or the trailer park.”

Hey, Cohen? I haven’t (obviously) seen this show, or the father whose appearance seems to have given you a case of omniscience.

His silence testifies to a searing pain – contained, bottled up, metastasizing, none of it leaking out, none of it shared – a man, coping (not coping?) with the death of his best friend, his silliest dreams, his best memories, his life beyond the one granted him.

Typical Blue State “intelligensia” arrogant assmonkey bullshit.

Maybe the reason he sat stonily in his seat, saying nothing, was because some bastard conned his wife into allowing the cameras into his home, but thought it would help his wife ease her grief to talk, and he just wanted them gone as quickly as possible.

How dare you use this man as a prop in a pissing party on the day you are supposed to be honoring people like his son, Lt. Leonard M. Cowherd, not using his corpse and his father’s pain to take a shot at “chickenhawks” like President Bush and VP Cheney.

The war is real, and the bloody election is over!

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