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All I Want for Christmas

Is a Big Assed Bomb
He cleans up the deep down dirt!

How Staten Island Went Red

This is a long haul, multi-part post.
I had thrown up a version of this Saturday evening,
but couldn’t leave it alone.
You’ve been warned.

That USA Today graphic showing the red/blue divide in each state at the county level is interesting. Take New York. Rock solid Blue State, considered such a lock that the Bush/Cheney campaign wrote the place off. Kerry blew them out, winning with a buffer of over a million votes.

But looking at that county map shows that, other than NYC, the state is fairly red and up for grabs, with only a couple of small but dense Blue dots beyond Fun City. Reagan took it all in ’84. And NYC’s reputation as an impenetrable liberal fortress is overblown. Rudy, and to a lesser extent Nanny Bloomie, proved that.

Some “conservatives” (and Democrats) will say, “They’re not real Republicans.” My response to is, “Keep it up, assholes, and your time on top of the pile will be shortlived and brutal.” Anyone thinking like that has drawn deep from the Kool Aid carafe, no matter what party affiliation is checked off on their voter registration card. If the three Gs (God, Gays & Guns-YES! NO! YES!”) define being Republican, you’re Party is just as fucked as the other side.

Take my rock: Staten Island (“Shao-lin” for you Wu-Tangers out there). It’s considered the GOP’s strongest bunker in the boroughs; credited with putting both Guliani and Bloomberg in City Hall. This time around, Bush took the Island, yet in the 2000 race, the rock went in the hole for Gore.

That Republican veneer Staten Island has acquired was an act of evolved self-preservation. In the eyes of the other boroughs back in the day, we were an afterthought. To the city’s Democrat bosses, we were a redheaded stepkid of a borough; a bucolic backwater, sparsely populated with parochial rubes who could be tapped for tax dollars and ignored when it came time to spend the dough. Since you could only get here by way of the Ferry, to most “New Yorkers” we could well have been on Mars, for all they knew. Even adventurous souls who crossed the harbor never ventured beyond the landing on the Staten Island side. They just reboarded the boat and retraced their trip, because “there’s nothing over there to see.” So those bosses felt no political inhibition from, when faced with a particularly messy problem, literally dumping it on us.
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