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Archive for "Nov 05 2004"

Oh, Donny

Donnieeeeee! …

Don’t promo gunpowder vengeance.
(or cut and paste chapters, fer crissakes!).

Your side would lose.
Really, dude.
Can you blind-load a clip?
How ’bout a service issue revolver?
Single chamber shotgun?

Rig a pipe bomb that won’t
blow your own ass up?

You’re a gem.

Shit, I’m Good

I called this particular post-election fallout.

Later, jagoff. Next time, take a Greyhound and get off at the piss stops. You still do that, right? Piss? Or have you “progressed” past that mess in solidarity with the Kyoto Accords?

At least climb up out from under your rock and walk fifteen at least five miles from what ever political rubble pile you call home.

Do you hear the loons?….

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Hey, Ham Vacuum?

Yo, Mikey! Get that vat of Ben & Jerry’s “Rainbow Crock” out of yer mouth and riddle me this:

If Bush’s psychotic, fundamentally driven snake-handling sons of bitches stormtroopers are so eager to stifle all dissent and silence their opponents as they embark on the road to the Rapture, how come they haven’t gotten around to laying this kind of penance on your fat ass?

Minds filled with mirth really Want to Know the Truth!

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