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The End of the Hippies

Can we now officially put a large stake in the heart of that idealized late Sixties, early Seventies bullshit, and all it’s evil spawn? ‘Cause it’s over. You moronic, patchouli perfumed poseurs who picked up the mantle when the first wave started getting bent and gray and retreated to the halls of academe have been beaten into the dustbin. Watch Kos try to rally the troops to keep his BlogAds money flowing, then watch his rates slide as February rolls around.

Kerry–a golem if ever there was one–dragging it out by challenging the results in Ohio will have a blowback that may make the final results even more of an embarrassment. Pennsylvania was tight, with chicanery alleged in Philly. Care to have a battle over voter fraud and blocked military votes from the Keystone State? Wild vote tampering has been alleged in Detroit; maybe Michigan should get a second look, eh?

All that “we can change the world” crap? In the USA, you did. America got a load of your act and told you to take a hike. Bush just scored more popular votes than anybody, ever. What started with Reagan in 1980 has, in the Fall of 2004, pounded your Party into a sort of nadir. Slick Willie and the boom were your only respite, and we have seen how those two bouts of wishful thinking turned out.

Maybe now the adults who still hang a “D” behind their names will clean house and try to put together the fallen pieces. Or will you idiots need another drubbing in ’06 to hammer the point home?

Crap like this tells me some of you still haven’t caught the clue.

I’m kicking the next asshat I see banging a bongo drum.

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