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Air America Idiot Update

Al Franken’s show going to be a wonderful thing to tune in today. PosterBoy’s legions of moonbats are going to be in full rage/denial mode, which may become truly comic, depending on how Kerry’s camp decides to face the reality that the numbers just aren’t there, and fighting it out over Ohio may open a potential Pandora’s Box that can swallow their campaign and the Democrat Party whole.

Al. Bubi. It is over. Kerry’s currently losing the popular vote by over 3 million and counting. Most of the military absentee ballots are not included in those totals. You’re over. The American people have spoken, and the message was “Fuck you, and The Ham Vacuum too.”

Franken was in Boston last night, ready to crown his fell prince the new King, primed to gloat that he had rallied his minions against the Limbaugh/Hannity horde, and then take his perceived political skills on the road home by the coming summer, to start his run for a 2006 U.S. Senate seat in Minnesota.

That dream may keep you warm during the winter months, but it’s only a dream, Al. Without Kerry in the White House, do you think anyone is ever going to give you the time of day–never mind a goddamn dollar–back in the land of your birth?

You’re fucked, Al. Hope you enjoy the radio gig while it lasts. In NYC, you’re freaking dead man walking, dude! With the campaign over, I’m betting your numbers start to tank within two months. The election was the only drawing power you had, and by the time President Bush takes the Oath of Office on January 20th, your audience will have vanished, scurrying back to NPR after getting sick of the whining I’m expecting to hear come spilling out of my speakers starting at noon (EST) today.

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